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2022 Guild CPO Annual Meeting 5 月 16 - 18, 2022

Guild CPO Annual Meeting

Do you have the right tools to measure your customers’ samples? With the right technology, it can be easy to measure and match retail paint colors.

Join X-Rite at the 2022 Guild CPO Annual Meeting

Stop by our booth to learn about our most popular color matching solutions, including our top-selling MetaVue and i1 Paint. Our Color Experts will be available to show you:

  • How easy it is to measure complex samples like plush animals, multi-colored patterns, and very small items using MetaVue.
  • How quickly i1 Paint can capture color measurements on common samples, like color cards and fan decks.
  • How ColorDesigner PLUS software can turn your paint counter into a design center.

Featured Solutions for Retail Paint Matching:

  • MetaVue™, a breakthrough non-contact imaging spectrophotometer for retail paint matching, introduces a new level of accuracy to a wider variety of customer samples.
  • i1 Paint is a cost-effective and easy-to-use handheld spectrophotometer that enables retail paint associates to color match common samples, including fan deck cards and painted items.
  • ColorDesigner PLUS color matching software is customer- and retailer-friendly, producing expert results in a flexible, adaptable workflow that can be configured for individual needs.

Stop by our booth to learn how X-Rite can help you quickly match customer samples for less waste and repeat business.