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FloorTek Expo 2021 9 月 14 - 15, 2021


X-Rite will be exhibiting at FloorTek 2021 September 14th through 15th in Dalton, GA

Join X-Rite in Booth #313 at FloorTek 2021

We will be showing live demonstrations of a wide array of products that enable you to achieve consistent and accurate color across all steps of your design-to-production process.

Find out how you can:

  • Eliminate visual errors caused by inadequate lighting or random visual inspection
  • Integrate consistent, precise color quality control into your operation
  • Reduce scrap and rework caused by mismatched colors
  • Achieve color harmony among locations and suppliers
  • Decrease production times

Featured Solutions:

  • The Ci7800 benchtop spectrophotometer is the supply chain instrument of choice, delivering ≤0.08 average dE* inter-instrument agreement and repeatability of ≤0.01 dE* to meet tight color tolerances.
  • The Ci64 is our most precise and accurate handheld sphere spectrophotometer with simultaneous SPIN/SPEX, correlated gloss and a UV option to accurately measure uneven surfaces.
  • Using multi-flux technology, Color iMatch software intelligently processes color data to provide optimal initial color matches and reduce wasteful formulation attempts.
  • Color iQC is a configurable, job-based quality assurance solution that enables brands, suppliers, and manufacturers to define and ensure correct color measurement practices, regardless of location or software configuration.

To learn more about X-Rite’s industry solutions for color measurement for the flooring industry visit our website.

To learn more about our booth at FloorTek Expo 2021 and register to attend, visit our event page.