X-Rite Color Measurement Solutions

We offer industry-leading hardware and software solutions to improve color control.

Featured Color Measurement Products

X-Rite eXact Standard, eXact spectrophotometer, exact spectro eXact スタンダード

With easy-to-use features, the eXact Standard allows everyone in your organization to access the color data they need quickly and easily.

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XRite SpectraLight QC

Lighting solutions like our SPLQC duplicate almost any lighting environment and are customizable to fit the needs of every job and production process.

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XRite Ci7800

A part of our Ci7000 Series of benchtop spectrophotometers, the Ci7800 sets a new standard for measuring, managing and communicating color.

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Why Should You Invest In A Color Solution?

Here at X-Rite, we recognize that great color portrays great quality. And that your business' success hinges on the consistent and accurate production of this color. By blending the art and science of color, we help your business achieve the highest level of color integrity so your product - and your customer's product - comes out ahead.
X-Rite Pantone
"We estimate that for every dollar we invest in X-Rite, we are saving between $30 and $40 over a 5-year depreciation period. What's not to like about that?"
Steve RickettUNIMAC Graphics
“We consider X-Rite to be an important partner in our ability to grow and to continue to exceed customer expectations. Our past experience with X-Rite products has been excellent, and the new Ci7800 is no exception. Having this next-generation instrument as an integral part of our operation is vital to our ability to continue to move our color critical business forward.”
Jim WalshPenn Color
X-Rite Pantone

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