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モデル番号 GlossFlash

GlossFlash 6060


  • 製造を中断することなく製造工程の数箇所で測色
  • 許容範囲から外れる光沢の変動を即座に認識
  • 非破壊的な測定によるコストの削減



17x36 mm
Measurement Size
200 microseconds
Measurement Time
60 degree
Gloss Geometry
Measures Gloss
Part of a Complete Color and Gloss Measurement Solution

To measure gloss on wide substrates, the GlossFlash 6060 is mounted on a traversing beam with an optional edge detection system to detect gloss deviations from the left to the middle to the right. Using a meter length counter, every value can be assigned to the exact meter length. GlossFlash 6060 can be combined with a ERX145 color measurement device and ESWin software for a complete inline solution to monitor color and gloss throughout production.

Complete Gloss Measurement
Captures Gloss Measurements Throughout Production for Non-Destructive Sampling

Using state-of-the-art 200 microsecond flash technology, the GlossFlash 6060 captures a 17 x 26 mm measurement spot at a distance of 54 mm from the sample surface using standardized 60° geometry for reproducible gloss measurements on rapidly moving surfaces. When interfaced with the network, the GlossFlash 6060 can automatically transfer gloss values between lab and production machines to share quality control data and generate compliance reports.

Gloss Assessment
Objective Gloss Evaluation According to Recognized International Standards

Measures in accordance with DIN 67530, ISO 2813, and ASTM D 523. 

Flash Technology
State-of-the-Art 200 Microsecond Flash Technology

Xenon flash lamp reproducibly captures gloss on rapidly moving surfaces.

Maximum Uptime and Reliability

Ambient light, web speed, and normal flutter do not influence measurement accuracy.

GlossFlash 6060