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VeriColor Passes Next Closest Shade - How to Fix?

Q: We produce several colors that are very, very close in shade. VeriColor will pass at least two of these colors. For example: If we load standard color X and then present sample Y we receive a pass. If we load standard color Y and then present sample X we also receive a pass. How can we resolve this issue?

A: In the learn mode VeriColor will automatically set a tolerance (minimum) of not less than 1.00 dLED. If you have two shades that differ by approximately this amount then it is possible for one shade to be mistaken for the other. The solution is to modify your tolerances for these two colors. Experiment. Try setting the pass / fail tolerances for each shade to (perhaps) 0.70 dLED. Test your new settings. Increase or decrease the tolerances until you achieve the best performance. Note that while setting the dLED value too low will certainly decrease the number of false passes, it may, at the same time increase the number of failed good materials.

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