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Improve quality and efficiency with automated scanning solutions and automated ink key control for your offset presses.


Join Us to Learn About Simple Tools to Drive Efficiency for Your Offset Press

Equip your press to do great things with our latest automated scanning products: IntelliTrax2 Pro and eXact Auto-Scan Pro.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Comply with G7, PSO and ISO standards to get the tightest consistency
  • Integrate your color workflow with brands and customers
  • Substantially reduce make ready time and material waste for highest level of ROI
  • Increase quality and operator experience for high-quality, finished products

Presenter for English Webinar: Fabrice Doreau

Presenter for German Webinar: Matthias Haidt

Prodotti di riferimento in questo webinar


IntelliTrax2 Pro

Soluzione di scansione di prima classe in fase di stampa


eXact Auto-Scan Pro

Soluzione di scansione in fase di stampa

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