Color Management

For Consumer Electronics & Durable Goods

Color consistency between parts is crucial for product integrity. Spanning product development through production, X-Rite has solutions that can be tailored to your unique business need.

Featured Products for Consumer Electronics & Durable Goods

XRite SpectraLight QC

Whether you're managing color for an electronic device or a plastic container, consistent color starts at the beginning. Learn how controlled lighting can reduce color mistakes right from the start.

Standardize Your Lighting
XRite Ci7800

When color is important to your business, employing a benchtop spectrophotometer is key in accurately measuring color data throughout formulation and production.

Measure Color Data
XRite Color iMatch

Color iMatch software allows you to match the color of opaque and transparent products. Allowing for excellent formula experience for manufacturers, this software takes your color workflow to the next level.

Formulate Color

Consumer Electronics & Durable Goods

X-Rite Pantone

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