Ink Formulation Regensdorf

A two-day workshop focused on Ink Formulation Software, covering formulation and color matching.

There are currently no session available for this training course.Please check back later or contact us for more information

Attendees will learn the entire formulation and color matching workflow along with how to color correct and formulate with waste in order to maximize their return on this software investment. Participants will learn from an X-Rite Color Expert on how to enter calibration databases, view and edit calibration curves, adjust film thickness and viscosity level, and evaluate all data necessary for precision formulation. In addition, you will gain an understanding of how to create standards, formulate, and perform corrections plus getting demo Access to Pantone Live system for one month. 

The hands-on learning environment allows attendees to actively engage in the curriculum with an X-Rite Color Expert.

Who Should Attend?
This two-day workshop is designed for owners of InkFormulation Software or people who plan to work with InkFormulation platform soon. 

Why Attend?
This class is an in depth course exploring all aspects of color, quality assurance, formulation and production workflows. When the workshop is completed, you will be able to fully master your new formulation software and be ready to implement it within your business. 


Additional information for the June workshop in Spain: 

València Parc Tecnològic
Calle Gustave Eiffel, 4 
46980 -PATERNA (Valencia, Spain)

Tel. 96 136 60 40

Price: 375


  • Fundamentals of Color
  • Measurement in graphic arts industry
  • Color comparison and appraisal
  • Color communication and measurement data exchange - CxF
  • Basic software functionality 
  • Entering a calibration set
  • Methods of testing a calibration set
  • Evaluation of matches and recipe correction 
  • Tuning tools for recipes adjustments 
  • Ink leftovers
  • Work with advanced database tools
  • Hands-on ink formulation and color quality exercises in ink laboratory
  • PantoneLIVE and Pantone Certified Printer Program
  • And much more!

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