Innovative Solutions to Manage Apparel Color from Concept to Market

X-Rite and Pantone are transforming apparel color workflows by advancing color communication, innovating color capture, accurately visualizing appearance characteristics, and integrating color measurement and production solutions that the entire supply chain can easily adopt. By integrating our color measurement solutions across the entire supply chain, apparel brands and companies can shorten time to market and reduce waste and rework to build a more sustainable process.

Learn how to manage complex colors found in apparel.


Color Management Solutions for Apparel Brands

The Ci7800 benchtop is the supply chain instrument of choice, delivering ≤0.08 average dE* inter-instrument agreement and repeatability of ≤0.01 dE* to meet tight color tolerances.

With Color iQC software, specifiers and suppliers achieve consistent color throughout the entire supply chain in a variety of industrial, print, and packaging workflows.

With PantoneLIVE Production - Plastic, Coatings and Textile digital colors, the designers, color managers and specifiers are all working off the same digital color standard for product development and manufacturing.

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