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User Group Creation and Management in X-RiteColor Master

To create or manage User Groups, follow the instruction below.

1. On the server, click on the icon for X-Admin 

2. Enter the password (the default is password) and the program will open.

3. Click on the tab labeled User Group Management.

4. By default, all users belong to the Administrators User Group.  To create a new User Group, click on the New button.  To modify an existing group, click on the group name and then click on Modify.

5. After entering a name for the User Group, click on a user name and then click the > button to add that user.  The >> button will add all users to a group.  The < and << buttons can be used to remove users from a group.  NOTE: When a user is added to a group, that user will be removed from the Administrators group.  You can always modify the Administrators group and re-add any user.

6.  After assigning the users to the group, click on OK.

7. The radio button for User in the bottom center will allow you to view each users group memberships.

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