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How to create custom reference data for ColorChecker Charts using i1Profiler?

The generic averaged reference data for the ColorChecker Charts are a good starting point to be used for profile calculations or other dedicated tasks. They can be used by all who do not have a measurement equipment to create custom reference data.

However, even if the Munsell ColorChecker charts are manufactured with highest quality guidelines, they have small production tolerances. To get most accurately color descriptions for your charts, for instance to be used in scientific applications, creating individually measured reference files is recommended. This can be done with an i1Pro spectrophotometer and the i1Profiler software.

Please review the following document for detailed instructions on how to measure, save (and if desired, apply) custom reference data using your i1Pro and i1Profiler software:

How To Create Custom Reference Data

Note: Creating custom reference files can also help compensating changed properties of your ColorChecker charts over time, however, to be consistent, it is recommended to exchange the charts after a period of time. For more information visit the related links below.


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