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How is my copy of i1Match licensed?

Your copy of i1Match is licensed through a dongle that is built into your i1 hardware. The i1Match software will detect which licenses are availble by 'reading' the dongle information that your hardware provides. Because of this feature, i1 Match software can be installed on all the computers in a facility from a single hardware license. The i1Match software will not run without the hardware attached to the machine.

If you purchased your i1 from a third party vendor like a RIP or printer manufacturer it probably will not have any licenses for i1Match. The same would be true if you got your i1 as part of a ProfileMaker bundle.

You can verify your i1Match licenses by running i1Diagnostics on your hardware. If you need to purchase additional i1Match licenses contact us for assistance at

To activate your new i1Match licenses, you will also need the i1Diagnostics software.

After a few seconds your device will be reprogrammed and the i1Diagnostic will show both the old and new information.

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