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FAQ: Will other people see the same color as I do?

One common belief is if someone creates a file on their color profiled monitor that others can see the same correct color. Not true.

You cannot assume your clients, friends, relatives, or the general public will see any color accuracy when they view your pictures or image files, unless they follow a similar workflow to what you will be doing.

If you provide an image file (TIFF, JPEG, RAW, EPS, PDF) to a someone else for their evaluation, that person will need to use a colorimeter (such as the i1Display PRO or ColorMunki Display) or a spectrophotometer (such as the i1PRO2, ColorMunki Photo, i1Studio) to profile their monitor to the correct color temperature and luminance, as well as open that file in a color managed application, such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

The settings that you use to view color accurate files on your computer will not have any impact on what someone else will see, unless you instruct them on correct procedures. You are only able to control what you see on your monitor.

One "gentle" way to find out if the recipient of your file will be able to see correct color would be to ask them "What color settings do you use when you profile your monitor?" If that question is followed by a long pause or a text message that says "?" you should not expect them to be able to see an accurate view of any color in your file.

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