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FAQ Color iControl SQL Database User Error

You enter in a login name and password in Color iControl SQL Server Setup and the connection fails due to user authorization.When configuring the settings in Color iControl to connect to an SQL Server leave the login name and password blank to use Windows authentication to the SQL Database.  If you prefer to use a user ID and password setup in the SQL Database then you need to install SQLNativeClient 2005 (SQLNCLI) or SQLNativeClient 2008 (SQLNCLI10) on the client computer.  In Color iControl SQL Server Setup you need to select SQL Client Connection Type SQLNCLI 2005 or SQLNCLI10 2008.  Either one of these two will continue to support SQL UID and password connections to the database (provided the SQL database and the domain security settings are properly configured to allow it).  Note that the username and password are not encrypted or secure and can be seen by the users.

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