ColorCert Suite v4.1.0 Build 113

Name: ColorCert Suite

Version: v4.1.0 Build 113

Previous Version: v4.1.0 Build 112

Release Date: février 17, 2021

File Type: PC - MSI Installer, MAC - Disk Image File

Télécharger: PC Version Mac Version


ATTENTION: Mac users who use a hardware dongle to license their system should not upgrade to 4.0+ as the hardware dongle software is not compatible with the latest Apple application notarization requirements. Users who use a software dongle to license the software may upgrade to 4.0+ with no problem. We encourage all users to upgrade to software dongle licensing. Please contact Tech Support if you need to make this transition.

New Features/Improvements since 4.0.2


  • QA Tools: Added “Quick Compare” mode
  • Pressroom Tools: Profiles can now include a mixture of measurement modes (new preference available for configuring how this works).
  • General: Instruments can now be configured from the device button.
  • Pressroom Tools: Rules can now be configured to use the updated visual assessment method.

Changes/Fixes since 4.0.1

  • Fixed an issue with crash during Repository Server access

Version 4.0.1 includes the following updates


  • Added ability of Electronic Records Tracking and Audit Logging
  • Added ability of User Authentication & Permission Control
  • QAT multimode data from the eXact
  • Added ability to download and store the NetProfiler digital signature
  • PantoneLIVE data is now cached locally to improve performance
  • Fixed an issue with Undertone Calculation with PantoneLIVE data
  • Standardized the location of Window option in Menu bars
  • Fixed an issue with Bluetooth support for eXact
  • Added Bluetooth support for Ci64
  • Added rules option to verify NetProfiler status
  • Added Korean language localization
  • QA Tools Recent Standards persists between sessions
  • QA Tools Lab Plot changed from Absolute to Relative
  • QA Tools added ability to export multiple Projects
  • Repository and PantoneLIVE no longer permanently disable after connection failure
  • Fixed an issue with CxF import changing color names
  • Fixed an issue with Ci64 and NetProfiler on the Mac

ATTENTION: As a new major version release, QA Tools users with Perpetual Licenses will require a purchased upgrade in order to use 4.0+ (PN# CCUP-CCQAP). Please contact Sales if you have any questions or assistance in obtaining the upgrade.


Version 3.6.9 includes the following updates


  • QA Tools: Fix Lab Viewer graph.
  • CombiJob: Fix Check Visually.

Version 3.6.8 includes the following updates


  • Pressroom Tools: Fix crash loading older jobs with pre-3.0.0 rules.
  • Pressroom Tools: Show graph labels correctly on best match screen.
  • Rules Editor: Fix small UI glitch with second and third methods displaying when disabled.

Version 3.6.7 includes the following updates:


  • Pressroom Tools: Enable user to view Banded Only scoring.
  • Pressroom Tools: Enable user to view Weighted Only scoring.
  • Rule Editor: Enable Banded Only analysis method.
  • Rule Editor: Enable Weighted Only analysis method.
  • Pressroom Tools: Fixed an issue where auto save failed without warning if location is unavailable.

 Version 3.6.6 includes the following updates:


  • QA Tools: Fixed a bug that prevented Illuminant settings from loading with standard
  • Inkroom Tools: Improved handling of multi-mode backing materials
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.6.5 includes the following updates:


  • Enabled editing of manually entered Lab/Spectral values
  • Project editor now allows multiple standards to be added at a time
  • Allow spot colors and substrates to be loaded from the QA tools database
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes in Pressroom Tools
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes with CombiJob

Version 3.6.4 includes the following updates from the previous release:


  • Fixed issue with crash on multiple uploads to Repository.
  • Fixed issue with CIELAB not preserved under different illuminants other than D50/2.
  • Enabled editing of manually entered Lab/Spectral values.
  • Restore ColorCert Library export.

Version 3.6.3 includes the following updates from the previous release:


  • Added support for software activation without a hardware dongle (previously licensed dongles remain supported)
  • Bug fixes from previous release

Version 3.6.2 includes the following updates from the previous release:


  • Added UL35 illuminant to all illuminant selectors
  • Bug fixes from previous release

Job Setup Wizard:

  • Added InfusePDF functionality to the job setup wizard. The job preview PDF can now be dropped onto the job details Job Setup Wizard page


  • Added additional options feature to Coatings on press setup screen (can be set up via screen text override app)
  • Scoring: spot colors can now be flagged as ‘critical’ in the profile editor. If a critical spots fail, the whole job is indicated as failing due to a critical color failure

QA Tools:

  • Max trials shown can now be configured in the QA defaults. The previous hardcoded default was 50. A maximum of 200 trials is now allowed
  • Improved refresh run time

Version 3.6.1 includes the following updates from the previous release:


  • Bug fixes from previous release

Version 3.6.0 includes the following updates from the 3.5 Platform:


  • New preference to allow the UI language to be switched without changing OS settings
  • Added functionality to allow addition options to be added to the Finish, Substrate, Thickness and Varnish pull-down menus on the press setup screen
  • Added functionality which allows UI text to be configured as the user wishes. There is a new tool to assist in doing this which you can find in the ColorCert installation folder (See ‘User Guides and Manuals’, ‘ColorCert 3.6 Field Naming Editor’)
  • Improvements to screen refreshes under Windows
  • Added Vietnamese language support
  • Added support for OS X Mojave dark mode
  • Bug fixes from previous release


  • New 'Paste from Clipboard' button on Job Details page allows data to be copied in from data copied from an Excel spreadsheet (See ‘User Guides and Manuals’, ‘ColorCert 3.6 Copy-Paste Meta Data’)


  • Improved database management to support easily switching between databases
  • Addition of Lab and Strength trend charts within widgets
  • Addition of large dE value visual to the ‘Trials’ widget
  • Automatically update Best Match Widget if the density method is changed in the Density Widget
  • Improved database refresh internal, load times, and speed up switching between standards

Previous 3.5 Platform Release history

The 3.5.1 version includes the following updates from version 3.5

Manager/Pressroom licenses:

  • Support for measurement input from AVT SpectraLab
  • Optional preference to include a second language in the Scorecard PDF, in addition to the primary desktop language
  • Option to require barcode checks without requiring visual checks
  • Addition of brightness as an optional metric to measure and score
  • Bug fixes from previous release

QA module:

  • Additional view layouts
  • Enhanced visual representations of pass/fail with green/red color-coding
  • Additional options for exporting:
    • Standards with Trials (based on selected date range)
    • Project with all included Standards with Trials (based on selected date range)
    • Customer with all Standards with Trials (based on selected date range) and with/without Projects
  • Ability to print screens directly (in addition to saving as a PDF)
  • Ability to select multiple trials at once and add a common note
  • Ability to view/select from a list of the last 10 standards opened
  • Bug fixes from previous release

The 3.5 platform includes the following updates from versions 3.1 and prior:

  • Introduction of a new module, ColorCert QA (also available as a stand-alone module)
    For more information, please visit the X-Rite support page ColorCert QA playlist, which is designed to walk you through the process of installing, licensing, configuring, and getting started using the new X-Rite ColorCert QA software

  • Addition of PantoneLive default users
  • OSX Version now supports 64-bit
  • Bug fixes from previous versions

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