Color iQC-iMatch v9.7.60.4

Download: Color iMatch - iQC

Version: v9.7.60.4

Previous Version: v9.7.50.1

Release Date: 10/17/2017

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Installer

Download: PC Version

Notes: Version 9.7.60 is a maintenance release that includes the following:


  • Standard Multi Trial view added display choices for Standard for cmcSL, cmcSC, cmcSH (the CMC calculated semi-axis lengths for the tolerance ellipsoid).
  • Shade Assessment View has new menu choices of “Lab Dip Report” format for textile Lab Submits. New choices also added for CIE White and Ganz White report formats. Printed report allows combining with other views into single or multi-page report.
  • Standard Multi Trial view added display choice for new Metallic Brilliance Ratio (MBR is valid for SCI/SCE data only) and delta MBR.
  • Custom Event Log is now maintained for Color iQC logging startup and operational events to the Event Viewer (Applications and Services Logs/ColoriQC).
  • Formulation frame target list has right click menu to select only targets with no current formulas. This allows user to perform a batch formulation on a large set of targets with auto save Optimum formula enabled, then reselect only the ones that were not matched so a new formulation job can be started with a separate set of conditions to match those remaining targets.
  • Industrial Formulation header bar has setting for modifying current Match DE Limit without requiring going to settings to change (which would remove the current formulation results).
  • Registry setting to override specific print job template parameters as a job is opened. This setting must be entered manually (use a .REG file) and will override any matching parameter(s) in the jobs Print Job Template. Note the prefix “NGHdesignID=;” is required, and all parameters must end with a semicolon.
  • User setting added to allow user to select which folder (job, inbox) to browse for importing files into a current job from the data menu (import data from other filetypes ). Note that you can only import unencrypted files from the PantoneLIVE folder – which would not be the normal case.
  • German help file now included (automatic when language “German” is selected in Color iQC).
  • Alternate executable Color_iControl_NOMAPI.exe included in program files folder. Users who do not want extended Mail API support may use this executable. Administrators should delete the MAPIEx.dll and replace Color_iControl.exe with the Color_iControl_NOMAPI.exe, or redirect shortcuts to this version instead of Color_iControl.exe.
  • iMessage program has new button for “Run Batch Macro”. This option will prompt user to select one or more job files (or template files) to batch process using the selected macro file. The macro file must end with the command “BATCHLOOP”, and contain the filename placeholder “[NEXTFILE]” in the API command to open the job. This makes it possible to use iMessage program to batch convert selected jobs or templates and insert or change job parameters.
  • User setting added to allow selection of alternate Color Space Plot descriptors.
  • Measurement Spectral Properties page has “Adjust” button to adjust the spectral data by a user entered strength adjustment value. Only enabled for measurements that are not Standards (you can create a measurement from a standard and make it a trial to adjust it). This allows users to synthesize a spectral curve for color matching from a target which is different in strength.
  • CIE Whiteness and Ganz Whiteness Report added as an option to Shade Assessment / Lab Dip Report View.
  • APHA equation constant in Color iQC is instrument specific. A new user setting has been added to adjust this value for specific instrument results based on TTRAN measurement of a Platinum-Cobalt 500 standard. The default value is set to 21.2 but may be adjusted between 18 to 24.


  • QC Set Read dialog now uses any available space to right or Tint blocks to display larger Color Space Plot (toggle using Page Up / Page Down keys), current setting is saved in user registry. Color plot displays current solid shade and is active even while QC Set is in progress.
  • Color Space Plot appearance has been updated to a more graphical appearance with shaded tolerance ellipsoid, display of marginal acceptance area, and display of hue/chroma lines. Use property setting “Color Background” to switch between former appearance (with color background as seen above) and new appearance. New format uses Green to indicate pass/fail samples and white to indicate “selected / highlighted” (previous version uses green color to indicate highlighted).
  • New API command 99 added to register an external API application window to receive iControl Signal notification messages only to that window. By default, Color iQC posts signal messages to HWND_BROADCAST so all top-level windows in the system receive messages (allows multiple API programs to monitor iQC). If a program registers its window with iQC using command 99, then ONLY that program will receive messages, and they will be posted direct to that window (which eliminates issues with security settings that may prevent non-admin level programs receiving HWND_BROADCAST messages).
  • Assessment view CMC formats can now use alternate color descriptors as specified in the new user setting.
  • Spectral List View right click menu has setting for display format to switch reflectance data between 3 decimal and 2 decimal formats.


  • Crash in formulation frame if user printed a Color Space plot prior to running a formulation. Color Space plot in Formulation includes the Target Formulation name in the left title bar. This is NULL until a formulation is run.
  • An open file error which may occur while writing out XRSensor2.archive file (resulting in 0 size sensor file) has been resolved. Previously if an open error occurred when updating the file, a new file was created but was not written to, resulting in a blank file.

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