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Ci7x00 FirmwareLoader r1.0.1902

Name: Ci7x00 FirmwareLoader

Version: v1.05 build r1.0.1902

Previous Version: v1.04 build r1.0.1844

Release Date: juin 24, 2019

File Type: PC: Executable

Télécharger: PC Version


Download (save) the file to your desktop or a temporary folder. Following the download, close all other programs including your browser before performing the install. To complete the installation, connect your Ci7x00 to your computer via the USB cable, then double-click on the file to run the firmware installer.


  • Ci7XX0 firmware version r1.0.1902, r1.0.1844, or r1.0.1821 is required to run Ci7XX0 Setup Tool v1.21
  • OS Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


  • Added TCP commands for support of ethernet connections
  • Added to transforms the ability to set a specific lens pickup position. (Transforms with specific pickup positions will automatically drive to zoom position if pickup is set to auto.)
  • Transforms can now support a NetProfiler override, allowing the transform to dictate the active state of NetProfiler.
  • Updated color profile for preview camera

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