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Converting Data from Legacy Products to X-RiteColor Master

X-RiteColor Master replaced numerous X-Rite software packages. The transition of data from a legacy X-Rite software package to X-RiteColor Master varies, dependant on the existing software package. The table below outlines the steps for moving data from the legacy software to X-RiteColor Master.
Existing Software Data Transfer Method Details
QA-Master v1.77 or higher Database Export Utility The Database Export Utility is located on the X-RiteColor Master installation CD in a directory named Utilities.

Click on the Tutorial under Related Support to get instructions for the Database Export Utility

Ink-Master v1.80 - 1.80.3 Database Export Utility
Paint-Master v1.62 or higher Database Export Utility
Plastic-Master v1.62 or higher Database Export Utility
Metallix-QC v1.80 or higher Database Export Utility
Textile-Master v1.77 or higher Database Export Utility
QA-2000 Shares same database Use the same database structure as X-RiteColor Master. After installing X-RiteColor Master the user just points to the existing database.
FM-2001 & Ink-Master v2 Shares same database
QA-Lite Transfer out / transfer in User must transfer out each standard with samples in QA-Lite. Files can then be transferred into X-RiteColor Master. ColorMail can also be used to transfer data.
QuickInk N/A QuickInk & QuickInk Plus have no method to extract existing data.
QuickInk Plus N/A
SpectroStart Chargeable $150.00 per hour - done at X-Rite. Contact X-Rite Application Support at for a quote.

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