Reduce Rework with this Quick-Start Bundle.

This quick-start bundle is specifically tailored to help you keep your color on track throughout the production line so you can keep your line running, and ultimately improve cycle times.

This LIMITED-TIME bundle includes the following:

  • Ci62 handheld or Ci7600 benchtop– Our color measurement solutions for understanding, controlling, managing and communicating color across the entire color workflow, to help you avoid waste and rework.
  • QC Basic – Software that connects with the Ci62 and stores your color data. It gives you the data you need to validate to your customers whether your color is on target or not.
  • NetProfiler – A health check for your instrument. Our unrivaled calibration software ensures your instrument (like Ci62) keeps performing within tolerance, which in turn ensures that you continue to keep waste and rework to a minimum
  • 1-hour Personal Color Training WebEx– Get started right away with a personalized online training session with one of our solutions architects who knows your industry. 
  • Fundamentals of Color and Appearance Book - Become a color expert with this easy-read that details everything you need to know to control color on your production line more effectively and ultimately reduce waste 

For a limited time we are offering 15% off this bundle! Contact our dedicated color experts today to finally reduce your waste and improve your cycle times.

  • Promo Code: 76QSBH8-10-A

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