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TAPPICon 2021 Octobre 3 - 6, 2021

Image of TAPPICon 2021 Tradeshow Event at Atlanta, Georgia

X-Rite Inc will be exhibiting at TAPPICon 2021, taking place October 3-6 in Atlanta, GA.

Visit X-Rite’s Booth #902 at TAPPICon 2021

Stop by our booth to learn the benefits of measuring paper color inline, including:

  1. Achieve fast ROI by saving 10% of your dyeing costs, shortening startups and changeovers, and reducing operating costs.
  2. Reduce waste by measuring on the production line and identifying color drift before it is visibly noticeable.
  3. Win new business by achieving <0.5 dE color correlation between the production line and the lab.

Featured Solutions for Color Measurement:

  • The ColorXRA 45 enables precise and automatic color adjustments to reduce rework caused by color variations and increase production output.
  • The ColorXRA 45 Lab compact 45:0 benchtop spectrophotometer measures color in the laboratory.
  • The ERX50 inline spectrophotometer measures color across a wide range of materials, such as textured, finely patterned, and glossy plastics and paper.
  • The ERX40 inline spectrophotometer measures color, whiteness, and pulp during the pulp manufacturing process for early identification and correction of disturbance. 
  • The Ci7800 benchtop spectrophotometer is the laboratory instrument of choice, delivering ≤0.08 average dE* inter-instrument agreement and repeatability of ≤0.01 dE* to identify color variations.
  • The Ci64 handheld spectrophotometer is our most precise and accurate handheld sphere spectrophotometer with aperture size flexibility and the option to add UV LED illumination to measure papers that contain optical brightening agents.

Featured Solutions for Formulation and Quality Control:

  • ESWin Closed Loop Color Control software manages color on continuous paper process production lines, displays results, and runs automatic inline closed loop color control to bring color back into tolerance.
  • Color iQC configurable, job-based quality assurance solution defines and ensures correct color measurement practices, regardless of location or software configuration.
  • Color iMatch software intelligently processes color data to provide optimal initial color matches and reduce wasteful formulation attempts.

Featured Solutions for Visual Evaluation

  • The Judge QC Lightbooth is a compact, entry-level lightbooth that offers 5 light sources, including class B daylight and optional LED, to visually evaluate paper color under controlled lighting.

To learn more about X-Rite’s industry solutions for color measurement for the paper industry visit our website.

To learn more about our booth at TAPPICon 2021 and register to attend, visit our event page.

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