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PAP FOR 2021 Novembre 9 - 12, 2021

PAP-FOR-2021 | X-Rite Pantone Tradeshows

PAP-FOR is the key pulp and paper event in Eastern Europe. 

Visit X-Rite at PAP-FOR | Booth A14 | November 9-12

X-Rite offers solutions to help pulp and paper manufacturers achieve accurate color from raw material inspection through final roll up. Visit us at PAP-FOR to see our industry leading color measurement solutions and talk with our paper color experts. 

Stop by Our Booth to:

  • Discuss your color needs and challenges with our paper experts 
  • Learn about the ColorXRA 45 inline spectrophotometer
  • Demo the Ci7600 benchtop spectrophotometer
  • Demo the eXact handheld spectrophotometer
  • Get a personalized ROI

Pre-book your on-stand appointment!
T: +7 495 988 4552 
M: AKotik@xrite.com

Featured Solutions for Color Measurement

  • ColorXRA 45: A compact UV-calibrated 45°:0° inline, non-contact spectrophotometer, ideal for identifying color shifts early and throughout production in the paper industry.
  • Ci7600: A mid-range benchtop sphere spectrophotometer that offers both reflectance and transmission measurements to control paper color, including optical brighteners (OBAs) in the laboratory.
  • eXact: The industry standard handheld spectrophotometer in the print industry, used to measure color on paper and paperboard.

Featured Solutions for Quality Control

  • ESWin QC Software: A customizable software solution that integrates with inline spectrophotometers to evaluate OBAs and control color quality, evaluate trends, and send instructions to correct current or emerging problems. ESWin can connect for bi-directional communication to any process control or ERP system using OPC.
  • ESWin CLCC Software:  When combined with an X-Rite inline color measurement instrument such as ColorXRA 45, ESWin QC ensures optimum color quality across the entire manufacturing process from the laboratory through quality assurance, including the ability to evaluate optical brightening agent content.

Download our Paper Mills Inline Solutions Brochure to learn how X-Rite can help you keep paper and pulp color and brightness in harmony throughout production. 

For more additional details / show information, visit the official show website. 


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