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Laptop Docks can block profiles

When profiling a laptop, either with just the laptop screen or with an external monitor connected, avoid connecting your X-Rite device via a dock whenever possible.One very popular computer configuration is to have a laptop PC or Mac connected to a docking station, and then have the external monitor or the measurment device connected into the dock. We've found that this runs a high risk of either preventing a profile from being correctly saved, or if a profile results, it could be one with a poor color result.

The most common configuration we've found that can cause issues would be if you are connecting your X-Rite display measurement device to a USB port on an external monitor, and then have that external monitor plugged into the dock, which is in turn connected to the laptop. There are multiple video cable connection options possible with today's monitors, but not all of them will correctly pass color through a docking station. The other possibility is that connecting the X-Rite measurement device to a USB port on the external display and then connecting the display's USB hub to the docking station may not permit correct recognition of the licenses stored inside the X-Rite device. This is most commonly seen as missing licenses or a device not being recognized when you go to profile the display.

If you encounter any difficulties in connecting to an X-Rite device in this sort of a configuration, we'd recommend you connect the measurement device directly to a USB port on the laptop, rather than to the monitor or the docking station. If you are able to create a profile for an external display, but you believe the color result is very irregular, we'd suggest you temporarily connect the external display directly to the laptop, and create the monitor profile with this arrangement. After you've saved the monitor profile, view the display while still directly connected to the laptop, determine if the color appears correct, and then restore the original connection method of the external display plugged into the docking station.

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