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FAQ: About using Ambient Light measurement mode

When and why to use Ambient Light Measurement modeThe i1Profiler and ColorMunki software programs offer an option for monitor profiling that involves measuring ambient light (room light conditions) and then rebuilding the profile based on the new ambient light condition. That requires that you keep the measurement device connected to the computer at all times, and the software will poll the device on an intermittent basis to rebuild the profile in the background. If you work in an environment where you have large changes in the color temperature (the color of the room light) or luminance level (the amount of light), then the profile will be adjusted to reflect those changes.

Most people tend to work in an area where the amount of light might change to some degree during the day, but our eyes and our brains are very adept at dealing with gradual changes in light levels. Rebuilding a profile when there's only a small change in ambient light conditions will likely not produce a visible change on the monitor for most people. It would be good practice to arrange your monitor so that if there are room light changes, they don't fall directly on the screen and cause either a shadow or a washing out effect on that screen.

In the support department, we tend to recommend establishing a standard luminance and color temperature on the monitor with the profiles you create, and if necessary, try to reduce the ambient light falling on the monitor if it washes out your screen, or casts shadows across it. One method of doing this would be to construct a hood around the display.

So, yes our software does offer this option, but we would suggest that you be completely satisfied that building a monitor with a standard luminance and stable color temperature is giving you a reliable result on screen, before attempting to use the Ambient Light option.

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