InkFormulation v6.40

Name: InkFormulation

Version: v6.40

Previous Version: v6.32

Release Date: July 22, 2019

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Executable

Download File: PC Version


Version 6.4 is a maintenance release that corrects a number of issues and improvements identified since the initial release of 6.3.2. During startup you will be asked for a database conversion (from version 6.32 and older) after that you will not be able to use the database on older versions anymore. For more information about the Enhancements in version 6.4 please click here.

  • Fixed unexpected behaviors in the Recipe Editor
  • Refresh of Thickness object lists
  • Performance improvements
  • Improvements in handling unit conversion
  • Assortment details overview
  • New user administration with filtering, copying users, and alphabetical sorting
  • Improvements in handling access rights for assortments and colorants
  • Possibility to have the Inkform.ini on a shared drive

Known bugs:

  • Recipe sets and improved access rights introduced in this version are not saved in a database backup (workaround: use recommended command line backup).
  • A new folder created in batch processing is not immediately visible in the database folder list (it appears in all folders view). After reopening the recipe database, the new folder is visible.
  • When using Recipe output Basic inks and solvent and use a Total basic ink quantity as default (i.e. Total basic ink (100) + Solvent (20) = Total (120) the correction will take the Total basic ink quantity as the Total quantity (120->100) and changes the components of the recipe relative to that. Workaround: Amend the Basic recipe amount shown in the recipe wizard during correction to the Total quantity including solvent shown in the recipe window (100->120) to preserve the previous recipe and get a correction based on this.

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