Introducing our latest release of Color iMatch, an updated formulation and quality control solution that clearly outperforms previous versions, across the board.

Why Upgrade Your Color iMatch Software? 

Unrivaled Match Performance

  • Better identification of candidate components and formulas through the new match engine and unique search and correct functionality, delivering up to a 50% increase in initial match rates and cutting correction steps in half. 
  • Doubles the number of acceptable formulas at each step in the process with lower average delta E and fewer outliers.
  • Provides actionable information to optimize your legacy data and improve prediction confidence for better initial matches and fewer correction steps. 

Accelerated Workflows

  • Formulation Rules allow you to standardize customer specs and material behavior and define combinations of colorants that are more preferred, less preferred, or prohibited.
  • Batch Recycle allows you to add colorant to a container of material to match a different target color, avoiding costly waste disposal or inventory of “leftovers.” 
  • Waste Workoff allows formulation customers with large quantities of waste material to “work off” that material over multiple color matches. 
  • Gamut Achievability Viewer allows you to graphically view achievability before formulation begins and identify targets that may be “un-matchable.” 

Return Your Investment Fast!

    • Cuts correction steps in half and delivers up to a 50% increase in initial match rates.
    • Helps reduce large quantities of waste by “working off” material over multiple color matches. 
    • Repays the cost of the upgrade in just 1-2 days with the 5 corrections Color iMatch version 10 can save.

    Existing Color iMatch Users: Upgrade today and receive 20% off the upgrade cost PLUS a free remote Personal Color Training session (up to 2 hours) to learn how to use your new software.

    Terms & Conditions

    • Can be combined with existing hardware trade-in promotions.
    • Offer may be withdrawn without notice.

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