Introducing Color iMatch 10, an updated formulation and quality control solution that clearly outperforms version 9, across the board. 


New and Improved Features

Smarter Matching Engine: Provides better first matches and reduces correction steps up to 50%.

Work-Off Capabilities: Significantly reduces costs and waste by working from leftover materials.

Formulation Rules: Quickly switch between jobs by standardizing process, material, and customer specifications.

Colorant Assortment Editor: Ensures better match performance and provides specific guidance for formulation confidence. 

Gamut Viewer: Graphically see what’s achievable using a specific set of colorants before you formulate.

...and more!

Existing Color iMatch Users: Pre-Order Today to receive 20% off the upgrade cost PLUS a free remote Personal Color Training session (up to 2 hours)!

  • Can be combined with existing hardware trade-in promotions.
  • May be withdrawn without notice.

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