Plain and Simple: Controlled lighting is critical to any color workflow.  

BUT, our SpectraLight QC is more than just your basic light booth. 

  • 7 available light sources
  • Highest quality natural daylight simulation available
  • Built-in lux sensors maintain maximum lamp output, compensating for age and wear
  • Calibrated UV monitors maintain inter-instrument agreement
  • Certified replacement lamps for better traceability

From now until March 29, we are offering 25% off this industry-leading light booth. Order now and you may also receive 30-minute remote tele-support as well as a complimentary LED lamp kit with your purchase. 

This limited-time promotion is the perfect opportunity to enhance your visual assessment with controlled lighting, or upgrade your existing lighting solution to the best on the market.

May not be combined with any other offers other than those listed. May be withdrawn without notice.

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SpectraLight QC

Para la evaluación visual de importancia crítica

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