As part of the larger eXact family of products, the eXact Densitometer is the ideal choice for those who print CMYK in the pressroom and verify all aspects of density.

By leveraging the eXact Densitometer, print and packaging operations can rest assured that color accuracy and consistency will be applied through the entire print process. As a part of the comprehensive eXact family of products, the eXact Densitometer is best-in-class for verifying all aspects of CMYK densitometry.

Benefits of eXact / eXact XP Densitometers:

  • Integrated white calibration ensures the highest accuracy and consistency.
  • Job-oriented working with pass/fail indication for all color patches of the color bar, to ensure color accuracy and consistency through the entire print process.
  • Easy instrument configuration.
  • Flexibility to control all elements on a selected job.
  • Increases efficiency by automatically detecting color and patch type.
  • Upgradable to the Standard or the Advanced model, with the option to add the Scan feature.

Promotion Terms:

  • Valid until March 31, 2018 (EMEA Only)
  • Upgrade Options:
    • eXact Densitometer to eXact Standard
    • eXact Densitometer to eXact Advanced

Promotional Pricing:

Product Name






eXact / eXact Xp Densitometer without Bluetooth

€ 2 400

CHF 2 750

£2 100

$2 750

$2 890

eXact / eXact Xp Densitometer with Bluetooth

€ 2 500

CHF 2 850

£2 200

$2 850

$2 990

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