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VeriColor Solo

Download: VeriColor Solo

Version: v1.02

Previous Version: NA

Release Date: 10/27/2005

File Type:PC - Self-extracting Executable

Download: PC Version

Notes: Important: You must uninstall any previous version of VeriColor Solo software prior to installing version v1.02.

"VeriColorSolo_v1.02" is a self-extracting zip file that includes the setup file. Download (save) the file to your desktop or a temporary folder. Following the download, close all other programs including your browser before performing the update. To complete the update, double-click on the file to run both the extractor & the installer.


Significant issues addressed in the release include:

  • Resolved issue that caused application to lock up and not recover when power was interrupted to the system.
  • Corrected Monitor Mode error that caused application to lock up while taking measurements in production.

  • Resolved error that caused the application to freeze when switching screens.

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