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VeriColor Software v2_0

Download:VeriColor Software

Version: v2.0

Previous Version:v1.1

Release Date:4/28/2006

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Installer

Download: PC Version

Notes: This version does not require a previous install on your system before you begin.

VeriColor v2.0 is compatible with the VC100B Hub only, and will not work with the Original VC100 Hub. VeriColor v2.0 will automatically detect the older style hubs and send the user a message "software isn't compatible with type A hub, please contact your vendor for upgrade options."

VeriColor v2.0.exe is a self-extracting zip file that includes the setup file. The download will extract the setup file to your local drive. On conclusion it will launch the installer automatically.

History: Significant features that have been added to this release include:

  • Visual Tolerancing - VeriColor 2.0 provides an overview in quick-to-read graphing terms. The Visual Tolerancing feature helps the user search for the correct standard since tolerances that are critical for determining pass or fail are presented graphically.

  • Color Measurement History - Version 2.0 allows easy adjustments when generating a standard after the initial set up. New measurements can be added, hidden or deleted at any time.

  • Auto Standard Search - The ability to specify which sensors are used to determine the next closest color. The user can select a single head or all six.

  • Compare Mode - This mode enables the user to quickly determine color differences without having to perform or modify the setup of the sensor. It shows the color difference between two measurements in terms of dLED, dIntensity and dColor. Users can choose sequential or simultaneous measuring when multiple sensors are used. Each measurement will be compared to a temporary Standard that is learned by a single measurement with the “Quick Learn Button”.

  • Monitor Mode - Enhancements include a new easy to read color wheel and allowing up to six sense heads to be displayed at once, showing the different tolerances and individual pass/fail tolerances that are associated with each head.

  • Setup Mode - The ability to create a project that consists of up to 50 Standards. Once the project is created, it can be downloaded to the instrument. Each Standard within the project is created by selecting from Colors that are created using a “learning” process which guides the user through the process of taking multiple measurements which are averaged together to determine target color value. Measurements can be accepted to use with the Color or discarded if undesirable.Users can add or edit readings and adjust tolerances for a color in set up mode. This feature assists the user in selecting the best tolerance values for reliable performance and color identification.

  • Targeting - Targeting mode assists users in verifying the sensor positioning.

  • Offline Browsing - Ability to look and use the application without having to be connected to a hub.

  • Enhanced Log File functionality - Access to the log file in 2.0 is easier to access, view and manage.

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