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SP64 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer

Download: SP64 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer

Version: v2.11 Build EB05

Release Date:11/17/2004

File Type: PC - Self-Extracting Zip (EXE)

Download: PC Version


Purpose: The Firmware Loader is used to re-program various X-Rite instruments. This allows the instruments to be updated with latest features without the need to send it back to the factory for servicing.

System Requirements: The program is intended to work only on PC's with 32-Bit platforms, such as, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Installation: Before the new Firmware Loader is installed, please uninstall any previous versions to avoid confusion.

If "SP64_EB05.exe" does not run automatically after downloading, it can be used at anytime. Running "SP64_EB05.exe" unpacks the nessecary files to install the X-Rite utility and ToolCrib. To install ToolCrib (which includes the Firmware Loader), run "Setup.exe" which is in the location specified when "SP64_EB05.exe" was run (usually the temp directory).

Operation: Once the program is installed make sure the instrument is connected to one of the computer's COM ports. The program assumes the instrument is on COM 2 the first time it is run. The Firmware Loader will automatically load. When using the program, make sure the correct S19 file is selected for your instrument (the instrument type must be in the file name). Use the "Select File" key to select another S19 file if necessary. Click on the "Load Firmware" key to begin programming the instrument. Do not press any buttons on the instrument or interrupt power to the instrument during this process.


  • Black Calibration averaging requirements have been tightened, solving a problem noticed when the instrument’s climate drastically changes between calibrations.
  • In job mode, if a user chooses skips a measurement, any “Next” tags intended for that measurement are cleared out.
  • AATCC Gray Scale function has been added.
  • Reflectance graphs have been upgraded to also display Standard Reflectance data. Users can toggle between sample data reflectance points and the delta value between Sample and Standard Reflectance per wavelength.
  • Upload and download of Japanese characters support has been added (Hiragana and Katakana only).

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