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PANTORA Processing Node 2021.2

Name: PANTORA Processing Node

Version: 2021.2

Previous Version: 2021.1

Release Date: September 22, 2021

File Type: Self-Extracting EXE

Download File: PC Version



Before using Pantora 2021.2 it is necessary to upgrade the TAC7 Firmware to
Firmware upgrade is done with TAC7Diagnostics 1.7.1, which all can be downloaded here.

In order to use Pantora’s 2021.2 new Spectrophotometer connectivity feature, it is recommended to update the respective device driver and Firmware to the latest version. Please find the corresponding downloads at Ci7XX0, MetaVue, and MA-T12.  

Pantora 2021.2 contains the following new features and improvements:

  • Editor Improvements and Fixes
    • Fixed several issues with loading and saving, especially with respect to Carpaint and multi-representation materials
    • Fixed export of representations with respect to dedicated properties
    • Allow setting the (physical) texture size for whole representations
    • Improved handling of spectral resources
    • Improved performance of (and UI responsiveness during) texture synthesis
    • Fixed default xml name for meta data export
  • Browser Improvements and Fixes
    • Native texture export is now supported for CPA2 representations and AxF 1.8 representations with rough and/or colored coatings
    • Fixed filtering by material version for materials in catalogs
  • Added option for controlling the size of the synthesized flake texture in MA-T12 Carpaint measurements
  • Better integration of custom material tray tabs
  • Improved Metadata Definition Editor

Other Downloads here:

PANTORA 2021.2
PANTORA Distribution Server 2021.2

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