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Color iQC-iMatch v10.5.2.2

Name: Color iQC-iMatch

Version: v10.5.2.2

Previous Version: v10.5.1.5

Release Date: August 30, 2021

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Installer

Download File: PC Version


 Version 10.5.2 is a maintenance release that addresses the following issue:

  • Changes in Manual Correction resulted in changes to current batch add amounts being incremented each time Edit Correction was used, even if the user did not change anything.  With this fix, the process for editing the total amount of material remaining in a batch to be corrected will require two steps: (1) Edit formula using “Edit Correction” in NEW mode (use EDIT to adjust batch amount) then (2) Use Setup to adjust mode and ADD/NEW batch values before making a new Add Correction.

Additions and fixes in V10.5.1 included:

  • Faster response time when verifying multiple PantoneLIVE standards in a job while operating in on-line PL mode 
  • Ci6x classes in XRSensor now allow USB Redirection  
  • Enabling Auto Dispense of formula for Textile mode now properly dispenses the formula during formulation
  • Colorant Group editor now updates the color patches for colorants in the list when using keyboard up/down to scroll keys 
  • New user permission added to account management to enable/disable “Convert OL/OD to Opaque” in the Colorant Editor
  • When entering data for a new colorant the user may now calibrate ALL without leaving/returning to Colorant Editor
  • Correcting a Formula from QC Tree View now automatically selects that formula when it switches to correction frame
  • Industrial Correction now allows a user to edit the entered formula before using Setup or Correct and to modify the total amount of material remaining 
  • Industrial Correction Setup dialog has a new option to save Add/New mode selection and checkboxes to allow Fix Resin Amount, Fix Resin Percent, Color Only Correction, and Allow New Colorants to be saved as job defaults
  • Manual Formulation / Correction dialog can now optionally display DEcmc, DE2000, and DE* columns
  • Next Correction, in Correction frame, will now prompt the user for a name for the saved corrected formula 
  • Instrument mode will now change when switching between opened jobs
  • Color iQC setting for “automatically adjust column widths” did not support hidden columns (width 0) and resulted in columns that were not the correct width, hidden columns now remain hidden regardless of Auto Adjust setting
  • When using the desktop INI file, changes made in User Settings tab are now correctly saved
  • Industrial Search and Correct now filters out retrieved formulas if they do not meet base loading limits (current Resin min/max limits) and relative thickness limit (within 10%)
  • Industrial Search and Correct will continue to formulation after finding one or more Search and Retrieve or Search and Correct formulas (all formulas will be listed)

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