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Attend this webinar to learn how you can shorten your design cycle by upgrading to the new TAC7 Camera Filter Wheel. With the new TAC7 Camera Filter Wheel and UV Illumination, you will see improved visualization of complex color and materials like metals, transparent colors, and fluorescents.

Register for this webinar to:

  • Learn how to measure and correct color of fluorescent samples through the new double monochromator setup plus UV LEDs
  • See the enhanced visualization of high-gloss materials like metals
  • Learn how the new BTDP measurement will improve measurement of samples with color transmission
  • Visually see the difference you will experience in these types of colors and materials with the new Camera Filter Wheel and UV Illumination

Products Referenced in this Webinar

TAC7 Scanner


For Scanning Appearance Characteristics

PANTORA Software | Create Virtual Materials and File Formats


For Creating Virtual Materials and File Formats

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