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Join X-Rite Pantone in Session 5 of this special event organized in collaboration with ColorDigital to let you discover which are the technologies and software for digitizing data relating to color and surface appearance.

Fashion designers, creative directors and industrial designers will be able to gain confidence in their creative processes, using reliable and virtually communicable colors; producers will be able to create quality renderings that reproduce colors and appearance thanks to a virtual flow of precise and validated data; the major clothing brands will drastically reduce the validation cycles of colors, textures and materials, reducing costs and maintaining high quality levels.

We will talk about:

  • Session 1: The new App PANTONE Connect to expand your color range (webinar in Italian)
  • Session 2: New X-Rite Technologies for color reading on complex and multicolor materials (webinar in Italian)
  • Session 3: ColorDigital's new Cloud DMIX platform for sharing colors and materials (webinar in English)
  • Session 4: How to digitize materials: yarns, fabrics and accessories with different technologies (webinar in Italian)
  • Session 5: Customer testimonials: Marzotto on the advantages of digital communication in the supply chain (webinar in Italian)
  • Session 6: Customer testimonials: Hugo Boss on the advantages of digital communication in the supply chain (webinar in English)

Watch Session 5 by filling this form or select any of the above sessions to be redirected to the content you are looking for.

Material (in Italian) for session 5 can be downloaded here.

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