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Featured Colour Measurement Solutions

Find the X-Rite solution that best fits your colour needs.



eXact Family

The eXact family is the industry benchmark for measuring colour in print and packaging. With new and updated easy-to-use features, users will be able to access the colour data they need – quickly and easily.


Ci7x00 Family

Offering the most consistent and precise sample measurement, benchtop spectrophotometers bring the full weight of X-Rite's colour measurement expertise to colour control processes.


Inline Solutions

Inline colour measurement solutions are designed for all stages of paper manufacturing, as well as for the coil coating, plastics, coated glass, textile, and automotive industries.

Less steps, better matches, fewer corrections.

The newest version of Color iMatch features our industry-leading matching engine that increases the number of acceptable initial matches by up to 50%, and cuts correction steps in half.

Color Management Learning Resources

Read this comprehensive guide to learn how you can enhance your Color and Print Quality program to get more consistent color on brand packaging, with less rework and effort.

Ensuring consistent color through your workflow can be a challenge. Learn how to measure, manage, communicate, and report on color with A Guide to Understanding Color.

Gain inspiration for the future with our Fundamental Guide to Color Process Control. Discover trends, find your place on the color knowledge continuum, and get ideas on how to build new business prospects.

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