EFX QC Client v1.1

Name: EFX QC Client

Version: v1.1

Previous Version: v1.0

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Installer

Download File: PC Version

Notes: Version 1.1 is a maintenance release that includes the following:

  • X-Rite ColorMaster legacy data import
  • Software initiated measurement mode:
    • Software averaging
    • Image preview
  • "Quick Job" functionality:
    • Measure/recall standard
    • Measure trials
    • Clear comparison metrics
  • Property editing in a job
  • Ability to change orientation of views in job detail mode
  • Individual selection of angle geometries (for both color and texture)
  • Standard display and visualization in QC/QA Apps
  • Native Excel report output:
    • Shows pass/fail for tables
    • Trends, lab, box plots, job view
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

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