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Configuring Vericolor Spectro for RS 485 Communications

Configuring Vericolor Spectro for RS 485 CommunicationsThe selection for Half/Full duplex modes is not supported by software, it must be configured through RS232 using a terminal application such as HyperTerminal. Choose Full Duplex when configuring the firmware for RS484.

Instrument VS410 Configuration -
Enable RS485 communications: Send command 0112CF
Enable Half Duplex: Send command 1TM
Enable Full Duplex: Send command 2TM


SYNTAX: {#}tm

OPERATION: Changes RS485 Transmit Mode to Half or Full Duplex Mode. The baud rate remains the same as RS232.

RESPONSE: The response varies depending on the option selected, but ends with <sc>.

tm – This command help list.
0tm – Returns current RS485 Transmit Mode
1tm – Sets RS485 Transmit Mode to Half Duplex
2tm – sets RS485 Transmit Mode to Full Duplex

Note: Use command "0112cf" to enable RS485 port first.

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