Unsere hochinteressanten Webinare bieten eine Fülle nützlicher Informationen – ganz gleich, ob Sie Ihr Farbwissen erweitern, mehr über Ihre Branche erfahren oder Ihre technischen Fähigkeiten verbessern möchten. Ganz bequem an Ihrem Schreibtisch in nur 30 bis 60 Minuten! Durchsuchen Sie unsere Liste, um sich für anzumelden oder archivierte Webinare anzusehen.

How to Become More Color Successful When Printing Folding Carton Packaging

Attend this webinar to learn more about Grand Wide Format Printing and color management solutions specific to this type of printing.

Geplantes Webinar

März 27, 2018

Define a Realistic Pass/Fail Tolerance

In this live webinar, we will discuss how professionals across the automotive, textile, plastics, and paint & coatings industries can ensure more consistent color by defining a reasonable pass/fail tolerance.

Geplantes Webinar

März 28, 2018

Idealliance G7: What it is, Why it Matters

Attend this webinar to learn more about G7 (Does anyone really know what it is?!), why some brand owners are using it, and what tools can help with implementation.

Tips and Tricks on ColorDesigner PLUS v3.0

X-Rite’s retail paint experts will share tips and tricks to help your paint counter become more efficient thus translating to happier, more loyal customers and increased revenues.

Tips & Tricks on MetaVue

In this free webinar, learn how MetaVue, a non-contact imaging spectrophotometer for retail paint matching, will help you succeed behind the paint counter.

Meet MetaVue™ VS3200: A Breakthrough Imaging Spectrophotometer

In this free webinar, learn how MetaVue VS3200 brings breakthrough versatility and accuracy to measurement of wet and dry paints, plastics, cosmetics and small and odd-shaped samples

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