Unsere hochinteressanten Webinare bieten eine Fülle nützlicher Informationen – ganz gleich, ob Sie Ihr Farbwissen erweitern, mehr über Ihre Branche erfahren oder Ihre technischen Fähigkeiten verbessern möchten. Ganz bequem an Ihrem Schreibtisch in nur 30 bis 60 Minuten! Durchsuchen Sie unsere Liste, um sich für anzumelden oder archivierte Webinare anzusehen.

Don’t Let Optical Brightening Agents Alter Your Color Accuracy

Discover how Optical Brightening Agents can alter the way you see and measure color, which can lead to inconsistencies and products that don't meet expectations.

Don’t Get Left in the Dark

In this free webinar, Stephen Robertson, X Rite Lighting Product Manager, will teach you the benefits of controlled lighting, and which lighting option is right for your operation.

How to Improve Color Quality and Efficiency with Label Printing

Watch this webinar to learn what you need to do to get more accurate and consistent color on your label presses, improving your bottom line and making your customers more satisfied.

The Future of Color Management

Watch this webinar to learn how X-Rite’s family of benchtop spectrophotometers are driving innovation within the plastics and coatings industry.

Conquer Consistency

Watch this webinar to learn about the latest color technology that enables Brands and Packaging Converters to collaborate for improved color quality on packaging – reducing challenges and frustrations from both sides.

How to Quality Check Formulated and Built Colors

Watch this webinar to learn what you need to do to get more accurate and consistent color when using both formulated and built colors.

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