Blow, multilayer, and biaxially oriented film extrusion lines move quickly and should only be stopped to change the job. To ensure quality during production, many plastic manufacturers pull a sample to measure in the lab, but by the time a color, haze, or transparency issue is identified most of the run is already wasted. 

Automatically Monitor Color on Plastic Film Sheets

An X-Rite Inline Color Measurement Solution serves as an early warning system to help plastic manufacturers catch issues before they are even visible to the human eye.

You Will Learn:

  • How an X-Rite Inline Solution is applied to a typical plastic film and sheet production line
  • What tools are needed to set up an X-Rite Inline Solution
  • How an X-Rite Inline Solution monitors color and quality throughout production to keep the line moving
  • How much time and money an X-Rite Inline Solution can save plastic extrusion companies by catching issues before production is impacted

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