Multi-Angle Color Measurement

Leverage multi-angle technology to deliver precise color measurements for special effect finishes.

Browse the most advanced range of multi-angle spectrophotometers available today.

XRite MA-5 QC

The MA-5 QC can evaluate and control color found on special effect samples in the lab, on the production floor, and in the field.

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XRite MA-T6

Six angles of measurement coupled with color imaging make the MA-T6 the ideal instrument for color and sparkle measurements on effect materials.

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XRite MA-T12

With twelve angles of measurement plus color imaging, the MA-T12 completely characterizes and visualizes extreme effect materials on a variety of pigments.

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Compact. Intelligent. Accurate.

Meet the MA-5 QC: The lightest 5-angle spectrophotometer on the market.

Designed for consistent quality control and color measurement of effect finishes, MA-5 QC is a cost-effective and easy-to-use multi-angle spectrophotometer optimized for both sophisticated and simplified QC systems. Contact us to learn more.
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