Model #: vcs50

VeriColor Solo

Take control of inline color quality in assembly and sorting operations with this powerful automated color identification tool for non-contact color measurement and reporting.

Automated Color Control for Assembly and Sorting

The VeriColor Solo is ideal for single-point color verification and identification in assembly and sorting operations. This powerful automated color identification tool provides non-contact color measurement and consistent reporting to reduce waste in expensive dyes and materials while ensuring maximum production uptime.

The VeriColor Solo is industrially hardened and designed to tolerate heat, cold, humidity, shock, and typical industrial containments, meeting NEMA 4/IP 56 requirements. Measurement accuracy is unaffected by ambient light, delivering repeatable, accurate measurements under all types of production lighting conditions with no special plant lighting or shrouding required.


  •  8-band high resolution supports more accurate color discrimination than RGB sensors and color cameras.
  •  Fast, consistent measurement, storing information on up to 30 active colors simultaneously, eliminating the need for constant reprogramming.
  •  Flexible system interface supports multiple interfaces, including RS-232, RS-485, and PLC Discreet.
  •  Intuitive color graphs enhance the ability to determine color differences.
  • Tolerances that are critical for determining pass/fail are presented in quick-to-read graphs.

The VeriColor Solo’s standard measurement history function allows for easy adjustments when generating a standard after initial set-up with the ability to add, hide, or delete new measurements at any time. Its Windows-based software and menu-based programming make it easy for operators to set up.


Short Term Repeatability - White 0.1 dLED
Measurement Geometry 30°/0°
Measurement Time 250ms
Measurement Working Distance 35mm
Spectral Interval n.a.
Spectral Range n.a.

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