ColorCert® 2.6 with New Features

Posted September 28, 2015 by Bob Binder

It’s no secret that attractive packaging sells, and marketers around the world are stepping up their game to stay ahead of the competition. Metallic inks, three-dimensional labels, flow wrap packaging… Although enticing for consumers, these enhancements make it even harder for printers to maintain color quality.

ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition can help by simplifying color communication and ensuring color consistency so that finished products meet specifications. It’s an intuitive, customizable, and robust software package that helps print providers manage their supply chain, ink room, and press room from concept through delivery of finished product.

colorcert 2.6, x-rite colorcert

Coveris Burnley packaging was invited by its client, ASDA, to implement ColorCert: X-Rite Edition in an effort to streamline production.

X-Rite just released version 2.6, which includes an updated interface and great new features. Today we’ll look at why ColorCert is the ultimate choice for statistical process control for printers and packaging converters of all sizes.

ColorCert; X-Rite ColorCert 2.6

Existing ColorCert subscribers will get version 2.6 as a free update. Here are a few things they can look forward to:

  • Faster job setup. ColorCert 2.6 offers faster job creation using its simple setup wizard. Users have two ways to automatically populate job information: an interface to MIS systems, or using PDF fields from supplied artwork. Both options are fast and leave less room for error. Operators can also make last-minute changes using standard templates.
  • Multiple setting combinations. With the upgrade to 2.6, users can define multiple Quality Levels and optimize all variables for each job. For example, operators can use different substrate and tolerance settings for make-ready as compared to production in order to assure a good production color match in case a less expensive substrate is used during the make-ready process.
  • Support for X-Rite eXact™ on Mac. ColorCert 2.6 extends Mac support to include the popular eXact Scan. The eXact Scan allows you to measure entire strips of color patches in one fluid movement for super fast data collection; now users can use it for design and premedia in tandem with ColorCert’s powerful statistical process control.

Of course, ColorCert 2.6 still includes all of the great features users have come to know and love, including:

  • Real-time data reporting and sharing. ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition offers Scorecard Server, an optional web-based platform that provides real-time reporting, allows you to share color data with managers, suppliers, and clients, and helps you implement continuous improvement metrics. Data about each run is saved and can be dissected however you want. Managers can easily analyze data and review metrics between jobs, compare facilities, and even look at changes between presses, shifts and pressmen.

ColorCert 2.6 Scorecard Server

  • Data sharing. Scorecard server also offers scorecards that can be ranked and traded, providing a snapshot to brand owners and managers who don’t understand the numbers, but want to know how jobs are performing.
  • Job-based. One of the features most appealing to printers is that ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition is job-based. Every print job is set up as an individual job in the system and includes all of the related assets, such as solid colors, tint patches, overprints, and spot colors, along with the appropriate color targets and tolerances. All the pressman has to do is open the job and start measuring.
  • Tolerance adherence. ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition will help you better understand the color tolerances specified by operation managers or customers and help you verify whether your production falls within those tolerances.

ColorCert 2.6 Tolerance Adherence

  • Measuring all of the print metrics. Unlike other solutions used in print production facilities, which are focused on measuring solid color patches, ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition has been designed with print production in mind. It has the ability to measure not just solid colors, but tints, overprints, gray balance, undertones, and custom built colors, then tolerance each of the attributes in a meaningful way.
  • Go beyond density. The ability to measure print attributes spectrally and colorimetrically AND densitometrically is what makes ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition a great choice for the packaging industry.
  • Lifecycle management. ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition offers Repository Server, which is a huge asset for shops with multiple locations. It provides lifecycle management and a central place to store all of your assets, including colors, standards, graphics, etc.
  • Fully customizable. Since it’s modular, each package can be customized based on need. Small shops may only require a basic package, while large providers with locations around the world will benefit from everything ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition has to offer.
  • Compatibility with X-Rite Devices. ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition is compatible with many X-Rite devices, including the eXact, 939, SP64, and the Ci64.
  • Available training and consulting. If you’re going to invest in a supply chain management solution, you want to be sure it will work the best way it can. X-Rite offers consulting services to help you customize the best package for your needs, as well as post-implementation training.

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