X-RiteColor® Master

Software Downloads (26 Items)VersionPrevious VersionRelease Date
Ci52 Driver1.2na 8/1/2011
Ci6x Intrument Driver for X-RiteColor Masterv2.4.1First Release 10/8/2013
Color i5 Driver v6.50.09.0403v6.30.71.0801 4/8/2013
Color i5 Driver v6.30.71.0801v6.10.59.1114 3/12/2008
Color i5 Driver v6.10.59.1114 11/14/2006
Color i7 Driver v6.50.09.0403v6.30.71.0801 4/8/2013
Color i7 Driver v6.30.71.0801v6.10.63.1023 3/12/2008
Color i7 Driverv6.10.63.1023 10/26/2006
MA98 Driver (also MA96 & MA94)v2.2.1v2.1.3 12/15/2011
Supplemental Instrument Drivers for XCMv1.4.11.3 9/30/2011
VS450 Driver2. 12/27/2011
VS450 Driver2.0.3na 12/1/2009
X-Rite eXact™ Plugin for X-RiteColor® Masterv3.2.0v3.1.1 5/3/2016
X-Rite eXact™ Plugin for X-RiteColor® Masterv3.1.1v3.0.2 10/23/2015
X-Rite eXact™ Plugin for X-RiteColor® Masterv3.0.2NA 9/10/2012
X-RiteColor Master CI4200 Driverv2.4.1NA 7/12/2013
X-RiteColor Premier 8000 Series Driver Files1.4.31.3 8/3/2009
X-RiteColor® Master8. 2/15/2016
X-RiteColor® Master8. 6/18/2015
X-RiteColor® Master8. 10/20/2014
X-RiteColor® Master8. 4/7/2014
X-RiteColor® Master8.9.18.8 1/20/2014
X-RiteColor® Master8.88.7 11/1/2013
X-RiteColor® Master8.78.6 4/8/2013
X-RiteColor® Master8.68.5.1 9/6/2012
X-RiteColor® Master7.57.1.2 9/22/2005
Product Upgrade Information (1 Items)
+X-RiteColor Master - XRGA Information
Operating System Support (1 Items)
+Windows7 and Vista Compatibility
Common HelpDesk Questions (54 Items)
+Adding users with passwords
+Backups with X-RiteColor Master
+Buttons on toolbar not appearing - X-RiteColor Master
+Can't View Some Supported Languages in XCM Web Edition
+Computing Time from Master Series Export Files
+Converting Data from Legacy Products to X-RiteColor Master
+Create Calibration set options grayed out
+Creating a filter
+Creating a standard search
+Database Export Utility Data Compatibility
+Database Export Utility Tutorial
+DE2000 vs. DEcmc
+Definition of Flop Index
+Deleting old data
+Entering Standards into the Shade Library
+Exporting X-RiteColor Master Data to Excel
+Font Size is LARGER than expected!
+Glossary of Color Terms
+How do I register? The registration box is blank.
+Installing a TeleFlash AK.Dat parameter file with X-Rite Software
+Instrument function matrix for X-RiteColor Master
+Invalid License or Blank Registration Code for X-RiteColor Master
+Measurements Not Transmitted to, or Stored in, X-RiteColor Master
+Measuring "True" Color; Should I use SCE or SCI?
+Missing Sample, Trial, or Formula Data - X-RiteColor Master
+Moving Data From XCM to IFS/CQ5 Through iQC/Match
+PC Specifications for X-Rite Industrial Software
+Performing a database backup
+Registration code not appearing in license box (Windows7)
+Removing the Pass / Fail indicator on the Toolbar
+Restoring a lost standard - X-RiteColor Master
+Selection and Care of Physical Color Standards
+Setting up NetProfiler to use with X-RiteColor Master
+Setting user access levels
+Software Displays Only 2000 Measurements - X-RiteColor Master
+TeleFlash Communication Problems
+Transfer All Standards out of X-RiteColor Master
+Unable to Access an Option in X-RiteColor Master
+Understanding Illuminants
+Using the X-Admin Database Administrator
+Velocis Database Server Will Not Start
+Visible Spectrum
+What is Meant by the Term "Observer Angle"?
+What is Metamerism?
+Windows7 and Vista Compatibility
+X-Admin Cannot Initiate Backup
+XCM Metallix not Opening in Metallix Mode
+X-RiteColor Master Feature Matrix
+X-RiteColor Master Install guidline
+X-RiteColor Master Will not Save Measurements
-Database "Sharing" between QA2000 & FM2001
-Forcing users to log on with name and password
-WebEx Recordings
-X-RiteColor® Master & TeleFlash Software Driver
Interfacing & Networking: RS232, USB, TCP/IP, etc. (5 Items)
+COM Port Mapping with Keyspan USB Serial Adapter
+Difficulty Connecting X-RiteColor Master and SpectroEye
+Keyspan USB adapters hardware and software matrix
+XServer / Master series Client compatibility
My PC has no serial port
Interfacing with Third Party Applications (2 Items)
+COM Port Mapping with Keyspan USB Serial Adapter
+Vale-Tech Ink Manager Dispenser Setup Notes
Product History (Errors / Fixes / Workarounds) (5 Items)
+Color Master will not install database in Windows 7 OS
+Database Export Utility Error
+Error Downloading Jobs - X-RiteColor Master
+Jobs will not compile with Color Master in Windows 7 64 bit OS
-Borland Install Errors
Troubleshooting and Diagnostics (12 Items)
+Calibration Set Not Performing Well
+Create Calibration set options grayed out
+Database Server Will Not Start (5 step fix)
+Formulations are not being Saved or Displayed - XCM
+Missing Sample, Trial, or Formula Data - X-RiteColor Master
+Removing the Pass / Fail indicator on the Toolbar
+Vista Issues - USB Connectivity
+X-RiteColor Master "Control Panel" Display is Cut Off
+X-RiteColor Master Can Not Backup a Particular Database
+X-RiteColor Master is Closing Unexpectedly
+X-RiteColor Master Will not Accept License Key
+X-RiteColor Master Will not Save Measurements

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