Profiling Won't Open On Mac

Customers will click on "Profile my display" or "Profile my printer" in ColorMunki Design on a Mac and absolutely nothing happens.  The profiling wizard never opens.This is an issue that we could never reproduce in our offices. Until there is a software update to permanently resolve this issue, there is a workaround which might be acceptable for the end user:
Please navigate to MacHD > Library > Application Support > ColorMunki > Design > Tools and double-click to the icon 'Profile My Display & Projector' respectively 'Profile My Printer'. The appropriate wizards should launch and the profiling procedures can be performed. 
And for quick access in the future, the end user might want to create an Alias of both applications and put them on the desktop, into the Mac's dock, or place them in the ColorMunki Design Application Folder.

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