i1Pro 2 connectivity issues when used with i1iO or standalone with a USB-HUB

If an i1Profiler user is getting unexpected connectivity/communication issues or receives an error message such as "Error: i1Profiler cannot calibrate. Please verify that the i1Pro/i1Pro 2 device is in the i1iO cradle", try the following to establish connection to the device:

  1. Make sure that the i1Pro 2 device is properly inserted into the i1iO device and the i1iO is connected to the USB-Port and to its power supply.
    (If the i1Pro 2 is connected standalone through a USB-Hub: Make sure you are using a powered USB-Hub and its USB-Cables as well as the power supply are properly connected)




If all suggestions above fail to correct the issue, contact X-Rite Customer Service: http://www.xrite.com/contact-us.

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