Error - "Pipe 1", Error Message - DVS / ShadeVision

Are you getting the "Pipe 1 Invalid for this Device" message? 

If yes, here is one solution, reload Firmware.

  1. Make sure ShadeVision Version 3.01 and CB19 firmware or later are installed.

  2. Check that all cables and power cords are connected properly to ShadeVision.

  3. Make sure ShadeVision instrument is docked properly on station.

  4. Run Firmware Updater.  Locate ShadeVision Version 3.01 or later Application CD.

  5. Insert ShadeVision CD if not already in your CD Drive.  If the auto run feature brings you to the "Choose Setup Language" click "Cancel."

  6. Use Windows Explorer to locate the CD icon.  Left-click on the plus ( + ) symbol to the left of the CD icon.

  7. Open the "Firmware Updater" folder.

  8. In the right-hand panel, double-click on the "CB19 DVS Updater" file and click the "Setup" button. This automatically updates your instruments firmware.  The update takes two minutes to complete.  The instrument MUST remain docked during this procedure.

  9. Wait for the confirmation window and click "OK" before removing the CD.

  10. Test your system to make sure it is now working properly.

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