IntelliTrax2 Software v2.1.0.216

Download: IntelliTrax2 Software

Version: v2.1.0.216

Previous Version: v2.1.0.209

Release Date: 06/15/2017

File Type: PC - ZIP File with Installer

Download: PC Version

Notes: This is a full release of IntelliTrax2 software. This software only supports IntelliTrax2 systems, but not previous IntelliTrax systems.

This release includes the following notable updates from

  • Added measurement averages data to XML Post Scan file to support connectivity to ColorCert
  • Added setting in LMCT to force a recognition scan every measurement
  • Fixed ability to load ColorCert job with mix of PantoneLIVE and non-PantoneLIVE inks
  • Various user interface fixes on smaller resolutions

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