ColorDesigner PLUS v3.0 - Patch 1

Download: ColorDesigner PLUS v3.0 - Patch 1

Version: v3.0 - Patch 1

Previous Version: v3.0

Release Date: 10/05/2016

File Type: PC - ZIP file

Download: PC Version

Notes: Patch 1 includes fixes for the following bugs:

  • When new fandecks were installed, they were disabled. Now all fandecks are enabled when they are installed.
  • The dispenser maintenance reminder was being displayed at the wrong time. It has been corrected.
  • The “dispense completed” message was being shown for all dispenser protocols. Now it is shown only when CD PLUS is managing the dispenser directly.
  • Customers with Clariant dispensers who upgraded from CD PLUS v2.x lost their dispenser settings at the time of the upgrade. This no longer occurs during the upgrade.

Download installation instructions here

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