Default Facility Setup

Customer may need to know how to set a default facility in ShadeVision.ShadeVision allows the user to select a default dental lab or dentist to send a ShadeVision work order to.  When a "Default Facility" is selected, then that facility (dental lab or dentist) will automatically be entered into the "Send to lab" box in the "Send Work Order" window.  The user will be able to unselect the default and select a different facility in that window if they wish.  To set up a "Default Facility", follow these simple instructions:
  1. Open ShadeVision and then click on "System Settings".
  2. Select "Database" in the left pane of the "System Settings" window.
  3. In the resulting "Database" window, click the dropdown arrow in the "Default Facility" box and select the desired facility.
  4. Select the green check to save this setting.

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